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  • 03:00 Popular Meet this year’s youngest Spelling Bee competitor

    Meet this year’s youngest Spelling Bee competitor

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    Akash Vukoti is the only 6-year-old among the 285 contestants in this year's National Spelling Bee. You can watch him live on ESPN3 in the Bee's preliminary rounds today (Wednesday, May 24). His favorite word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconios

  • 01:01 Popular Leah I Kali

    Leah I Kali

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  • 00:29 Popular Raffaele Breaking

    Raffaele Breaking

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  • 00:36 Popular Chris L Breaking

    Chris L Breaking

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  • 01:19 Popular Chris L Kali

    Chris L Kali

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  • 01:06 Popular Ryan Kali

    Ryan Kali

    by Diane Ashley Added 135 Views / 1 Likes

  • 00:35 Ryan W Breaking

    Ryan W Breaking

    by Diane Ashley Added 98 Views / 1 Likes

  • 00:28 Popular David I Breaking

    David I Breaking

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About Us

We conduct Online Competitions and Tournaments between Organizations and Schools that compete in sports minded events. For example, Martial Arts Schools Organizations, Dance Schools, Gymnastics Schools, BMX Racing. You create events with up to four categories of competitions, in a month of your choosing. Invite other schools to join your event by sending emails, posting to facebook, G+ and Twitter. It's exciting! Get started today.

More Leads Than You Can Use

Why the way you're generating new leads for your schools is not effective.  

Answer:  Because you’re not making any money at the same time you’re looking for leads. On our website, you will receive a new report each month from us with leads of friends and family that took the time to vote for your students. Your students, once in the competition will also place links to their videos on Facebook, G+, Twitter and ever ware else. It does not make sense to be doing something like "generating leads" by some old and antiquated system like cold calling, coupons, and newspaper ads any longer only to have to wait months to maybe get a few leads that may or may not like what you do. 

School Owner Instructions


It's Nice To Meet You!
You have a tournament coming up. Students, past & present, that want to attend but, for some reason, cannot. What about schools you invited, friends of yours for years, unable to participate because of timing or prior obligations. Good news! With the technology of today you can now optimize your tournaments by running an online component to your events. There is no longer a reason for anyone to miss out on the action! Your tournaments can recapture all those old students, friends, and maximize your earning potential. With “”, as easy as 1,2,3 Call 561-629-6005 more info.

School Owners That Want To Join Other Schools Event.

Purpose of our website is to run tournaments, competitions and challenges between businesses all over the world. This is accomplished by creating a no longer than 4 minutes’ video in each of the categories business owners create as challenges for us all. Tournament runs from the first of every month to the 25th. That’s when the Business Owners and School Owners come together to vote for the very best competitors.

Judging on this website will be done by the following:

By Accumulated Star Voting and views. Each view is worth a half of a star vote. 20 views = 10 stars unless you are signed in, as a visitor or a competitor, then viewing videos can be given up to 5 star votes.

School Owners will also be able to designate School Instructors for judging student videos.  School Owners will activate the instructors from within the “school owner's admin." Up to four instructors may be chosen; special codes will be generated and given to each instructor by the school owner each month for this purpose.

This code when used will tell the software it is being used for the sole purpose of finding the best overall competitor.

Judging international competitions. Students videos will be rated by having classmates, family and friends visit our website. We are looking for the winners of each category in their "respective schools". Winners will be found in the two above mentioned ways, producing two winners for each category. "Social Media Winner" Accumulated Star Votes and views.  Winners found by this method will be hailed as SCHOOL WINNERS.

The second method will find the Best Overall Competitors" by use of a code generated by the School Owner for his "Four Black Belt Instructors", Scoring of all schools must be completed by the 25th of the month. The winners of this second method will move on to the international competition. 

School Owners "Only" will now come together to rate the winners of each of the competing schools. Each school owner has 1 vote. The Winners of each category will be the competitor with the most Stars n Views given to them by School Owners Only.

Martial Arts School Owners have in their schools admin:

     A way to view Students Info, Students Videos, Adjust entry fees, Choose Judges, View Reports and much more.

The ability to create a “Tournament Name” that will show up in our Calendar, that will host all Tournaments being run in that year. This creates an easy way for other martial arts school to pick and choose  schools they want to participate with.

The ability to designate school instructors as judges for upcoming events to find the best overall competitors.

To view detail reports of students participating in monthly tournaments.  View visitors participating in the rating of videos, and to receive that data as leads for their schools.  Automatic winners reports.



We Love Helping Our Friends


Tournament runs from the first of every month to the 25th …Instructors will be able to judge videos at any time in the competition month and must be done by the  27th.

Judging on this website will be done by the following:

1.            Accumulated Star Voting and Views: (Register Visitor) may view videos and award up to five star votes per video.  If a video is viewed by an un-registered visitor the video will receive a half of a star vote. 20 views = 10 stars

2.            School Owners, may designate for the purpose of finding the overall best competitor in their school up to four instructors. These instructors will receive a special login codes that when used will provide the software the ability to find the best competitors of each school. Once the best competitor of each category is found by each school by the 25th of that month, the owners of each school participating in the tournament will vote on all competitor from each school finding the winners of each category.

Competitor Info


Memberships on our websites are family memberships under one email address. We charge for an annual membership $25 and it will also covers your entry fee into your first competition with us.

Here Is A Handy Tip:

When you vote on just 3 other classmates videos, you will receive 10 extra star votes for your own videos. School owners love to award prizes to students that are participating in events held by their school, so vote for your classmates.

Important to know:

When you place a video into a competition, you will have only 24 hours to delete that video and replace it with a new one. You can do this from your profile page. Videos entered after the 21st of the month cannot be changed.

More Fun Stuff:

Families that wish to run fundraisers for local charities may do so by purchasing our platform here:

Event Schedule