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 Get Your Music Heard Right Here!
 Music Girl Entertainment
 New Song, My Music My Band,

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This Contest And Site Will Be Different Than Most Other Music Websites.

Here you will play more than just your music, you will play your life (Your Story and Your Music) Create a short video no-longer than four minutes. Create your reality show right here! Your fan's need to know you are real and accessible. Make your fans believe in you, let them fall in love with your facial expressions the way you move your voice. Before you do anything watch Tom Robinson's video below and get a music industry education. Here on Virtual Competitions, your video should not be longer than four minutes. Bring your YouTube URL here to join the event. Login and upload. That's it. Your video will be available within 24 hours. This is your reality show, tell us your story make us feel what you were feeling when you wrote your music. Judging takes place in two ways star votes and views (social media) and by music industry judges. This is video, give us a show.

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