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 Crazy A_ _ Cats!
 Linda Santorelli
 Crazy Cats
 Virtual Competitions
 Open Category (Anything Goes), Crazy Cat, Holiday Cat, Smartest Cat.

Cats Lovers, Here Is Your Chance To Prove

To The World, You Have The Craziest Cat Alive!

Here is how to get your videos into this WORLD COMPETITION


1. Create a competitor account. Annual membership is $25 and will include entry into this event.

2. The cat must belong to you. Create a reality type video of you and your cat. Enter into as many categories as you wish. That up to you.

3. You will need a YouTube URL for each video you wish to compete with. Bring the URL to this our platform to upload.

3. Judging will be done by social media (star votes and views} also by our cat loving judges! 

4. Start Date January 1, End Date January 25th Results January 29, 2018


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